5 Examples Of Using Natural Light In Design

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5 Examples Of Using Natural Light In Design


Natural light is something really important for our emotional wellbeing. There have been plenty of studies done that have reached the conclusion that a building with lots of natural light can really help people concentrate better. Therefore it is really important that natural light is used both in public and private buildings. Here are five clever examples of how to do this.

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1. Light Tubes

A really nice new invention is things called solartubes. You or have a Laguna Hills home builder to install one to come from your roof to your ceiling and the tube allows natural light to flow into the room.

This is very good for rooms that cannot be renovated for bigger windows, for example. It is easy to install the structure to an existing building and can be very simple thing to do. For easy manufacturing, contact Talsco.

2. Using Large Windows

There is also a growing trend for using large window structures in residential buildings. This is a really simple way of adding more light for the house and can efficiently cut down energy costs as well.

There are many nice design ideas for using large windows. Depending on the location they are also a very good way of adding an element of nature inside the building.

3. Fulton Street Station, US

There are also some public places that provide clever examples of how one can add more natural light to a building. Tube stations can be quite dark places and because of the hectic nature of the station this can be a bad combination. With some natural light it is possible to make the space seem more tranquil.

New York’s Fulton Street tube station takes care of this in a very nice way with a huge glass structure. The big glass tube provides a huge amount of natural light deep into the station. This is a very good example of how it is possible to get natural light flowing even into the darkest of places.

4. Forsyth Barr Stadium, New Zealand

One of the world’s biggest permanently enclosed sport stadium is the Forsyth Barr Stadium in New Zealand, which also has a natural turf installed. The stadium still has natural light flowing in constantly and there is no darkness in the building at all.

All this is possible because it uses the ETFE material as the roof. ETFE provides many properties that make it suitable for this purpose. It is completely transparent but a lot less heavy than glass. Thus you can install it much better to provide natural light without having to worry about durability.

5. Thorncrown Chapel, US

Another amazing public building that uses natural light in a very influential way is the Thorncrown Chapel in the US. The building is almost completely made from glass and it allows the light really flow through the building. Because of the location it also really makes anyone visiting the building feel one with nature.

Religious buildings and Huntington Beach real estate in general use natural light a lot. There are many examples of using light to enhance the experience of spirituality. You can read more about the relationship between churches and natural light from this Georgetown article.

The above five examples should help you use more natural light in design. It is important to include it for both public and private buildings because it can really improve our quality of life.


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