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Home Decorator – Finding The Right Cushions

I have always struggled with a chronic inability to visualise how elements of a room will go together. This causes issues from the outset with any design scheme. Rather than hiring an Orange County contractor decorator, I am quite capable of looking at a picture of a room that someone else has created and deciding whether I like it or not, but putting that room together myself would be a mission. I will look at furnishings in the shops and simply find myself unable to decide whether they would look right in my home or not. I am constantly left wishing that I could borrow the things I see to check them out.<

Imagination Failure

Such a chronic failure of imagination is hard enough at any time but things only get more difficult the further into a project I find myself. The more elements of a room I have completed, the more things there are to match too, the more I get confused. In the case of my living room it didn’t take?Einstein?to know that brown leather sofas would look fine with beige walls but it was the accessories that caused the problem.


I found some nice vases which featured metallic colours like gold, copper and bronze. These looked great with the gold twigs and leaves I purchased from a local garden centre and I even managed to find a picture with the right colours for the wall. I then confronted a major impasse in knowing the latest Orange County real estate design trend. I needed cushions for the sofa but with a room full of browns, beiges and metallics what should I choose?


The Search

I must have looked at every cushion within a 50 mile radius of my house and could find nothing that looked remotely like it would suit the room. The lack of cushions was almost certainly at least partly due to my inability to visualise but probably also due to the specific nature of my search. I thought that I would eventually have an epiphany and find something that appealed but it just never happened. Either the right cushions weren’t out there or they were and I Just wasn’t recognising them.


I was getting rather frustrated until I started looking for curtains. I was wading through a sea of fabrics when my partner rushed over to show me a brilliant and usual fabric and suggested that it would make excellent cushions. I agreed, the cushions were made and suited the room perfectly but there was still something missing.

I needed some more striking accents to complete the look and even the vast selection of fabrics in furnishing stores has failed to deliver the solution. I eventually decided to try dress fabrics and headed for?Berwick Street in London?where you can always source unusual and exotic textiles. The first shop I visited had the most amazing sparkling deep copper fabric that was just the job. It was expensive but I was past caring! It might have been easier to ditch the vases I had chosen as this would have made the cushion search much more simple but I liked the vases!

Next Time

Next time I decorate a room I am going to choose the soft furnishings first and then match the walls and other elements to them. That way has to be easier! It is so hard to find the right finishing touches when you have already painted the walls, installed the furniture,?chosen the right lighting?and hung your pictures. I will probably still struggle with the visualisation thing but I can’t go through another epic search to find something as simple as some cushions. The end result will be great but I just don’t have the time!


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